Good For You Gold

For years, the jewelry industry has been under fire for an array of unethical practices. More recently, the ecological impact of bling has gained attention.

Aurate addresses both of these concerns with unique sourcing and production practices resulting in jewelry you can feel good about. The gold is 100% recycled, and Aurate adheres to the Kimberly Process when sourcing diamonds and gemstones.  All pearls are from family farms, and each of their designs are made in New York.

Hoop Earrings

Midi Stackable Diamond Ring

The Great

  • Safe, ethical sourcing and production standards ensure safe working conditions.
  • Because all pieces are made in New York, Aurate saves on import taxes, and they pass the savings on to you.
  • The few pieces that are not solid gold are still more luxurious because they increase their gold coating to 2.5mm, nearly double the standard width.

The Good

  • For each piece of jewelry sold, a book is donated to Mastery Charter School in your name.
  • The diamonds, though small, are of good clarity and shine more than their carat weight would suggest.
  • The beautiful pouches your jewelry is delivered in? They’re vegan leather.

The Meh

  • Though the gold is recycled, improvements could be made in the shipping and packaging of Aurate’s golden goodies.

Earth Shot

OneDey is dedicated to helping you select truly eco-friendly products. As illustrated, each globe color on the page represents an aspect of sustainability, and the percentage completion of the globe represents the company’s achievement in this area. To learn about how we evaluate each company, visit our Process Page.