Going Beyond Clean

BeautyCounter® is one busy company. From frequent product launches, to lobbying Congress for cleaner cosmetic legislation and setting and achieving higher standards, BeautyCounter® is a national leader. While multi level marketing companies historically warrant consumer caution, BeautyCounter®’s mission welcomes customer voices.

Touch Up Concealer Pen

Color Define Brow Pencil

Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream

The Great

  • EWG certified
  • BeautyCounter lobbies Congress for cosmetic reform to ensure cleaner, safer beauty products.
  • 100% of carbon emissions from HQ associate travel are offset.

The Good

The Meh

  • Not all packaging is sustainable, but they’re moving toward more recyclable packaging.
  • 2030 is their carbon neutral goal.

Earth Shot

OneDey is dedicated to helping you select truly eco-friendly products. As illustrated, each globe color on the page represents an aspect of sustainability, and the percentage completion of the globe represents the company’s achievement in this area. To learn about how we evaluate each company, visit our Process Page.