Sisters for a cleaner home

Black and Berry Living is a California-based company, started by sister team Cindee Black and Jordan Berry, to share their safe and effective original product recipes with conscious consumers. Cindee’s rare childhood autoimmune disorder, and the idea that natural products are better for everyone who uses them, spurred Jordan and Cindee’s search for natural cleaning products. The search led these bright, young sisters to develop a product line based on one simple and organic ingredient – apple cider vinegar. Black and Berry Living’s product line currently consists of a multi-purpose cleaner; a waterless, moisturizing hand cleanser; hand sanitizer; and bug repellant.

All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Organic Hand Sanitizer

The Great

  • 100% recyclable aluminum containers for all products. Aluminum can be recycled an infinite number of times; and aluminum recycling uses considerably less energy than plastic recycling
  • 100% USDA organic
  • Refill concentrate for all-purpose cleaner

The Good

  • Apple cider vinegar in every product. Apple cider vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that is safer and more effective than chemical counterparts.
  • 100% nontoxic
  • Products are free from many common household allergens, though there are very rare instances of individuals being allergic to apple cider vinegar.

The Meh

  • The hand cleanse is an unusual product if used for its primary purpose – a waterless alternative to washing your hands. We prefer keeping the very portable sized product and a small cloth in our cars as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable surface, cleaning wipes.

Earth Shot

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