No Doubt Diapers

Eco Pea Co. was started by a family shocked by the diaper industry’s environmental impact. This husband and wife team quickly learned that cloth diapers are a challenge for busy and on the go parents. Raising three kids helped Eco Pea Co. co-founders further develop their diaper and baby wipe expertise so they could provide a better alternative for parents concerned about the planet. The result is a company focused on eco friendly wares with the hallmark ingredients: thoughtfulness and love.

The Great

  • ALL the ingredients in the diaper and wipes are available online, as is the reason that ingredient is included in the product
  • 1% for the planet members
  • Wipes are 100% biodegradable
  • They offer a subscription service, so you’ll never have to make an emergency diaper run
  • The wipes are very thick –  the most luxurious, sustainable option we’ve found

The Good

  • Carbon neutral shipping
  • The most prominent ingredient in the diapers and wipes are fast-growing, eco friendly bamboo
  • They include a blog on their site, focused on helping growing families be more earth conscious
  • All products are hypoallergenic and fragrance free

The Meh

  • Be careful about sizing, some of our testers found that the diapers run large

Earth Shot

OneDey is dedicated to helping you select truly eco-friendly products. As illustrated, each globe color on the page represents an aspect of sustainability, and the percentage completion of the globe represents the company’s achievement in this area. To learn about how we evaluate each company, visit our Process Page.