Chocolate for the Soul

Hu Kitchen was launched as an alternative to the world of overly-processed snack food. By focusing on food that makes people feel good, Hu founders Jordan Brown, Jessica Karp and Jason Karp created a wellness food brand that is eco-friendly almost by default. Starting with a vegan, organic, fair trade, paleo, gluten-free, grain-free restaurant; and later expanding into chocolate bars, savory crackers, and additional sweets, Hu remains true to its vision – food shouldn’t just sustain you, it should help you thrive.

While it appears that the Hu Kitchen restaurant on 5th Avenue in NYC may have closed as a result of the pandemic, the popularity of the chocolate bars and grainless crackers has grown exponentially.

Dark Chocolate Snacking and Baking Gems

Grain-free Sea Salt Crackers

Vanilla Crunch Dark Chocolate Bar

The Great

  • All products meet the following standards: gluten-free, Non-GMO, vegan, and organic.
  • Chocolate bars are wrapped in paper, no waste from those awful candy wrappers.
  • All products are free from cane sugar, refined sugars, and palm and soy oil – ingredients that have devastated ecosystems.

The Good

  • All products are keto and kosher.
  • The cocoa butter used is fair trade.
  • Packaging materials are well conceived – minimal quantity and solely recyclable paper and cardboard.

The Meh

  • The packaging for the gems and chocolate covered nuts are not designated as made from recycled or recyclable materials.
  • While their ingredients and ingredient sourcing are sustainable, they haven’t committed publicly to expanding sustainability efforts or reducing/offsetting carbon emissions.
  • Avoiding the use of any type of grain results in high-priced crackers.

Earth Shot

OneDey is dedicated to helping you select truly eco-friendly products. As illustrated, each globe color on the page represents an aspect of sustainability, and the percentage completion of the globe represents the company’s achievement in this area. To learn about how we evaluate each company, visit our Process Page.