The power of the sun

Beginning with the world’s first portable lithium power station in 2015 then releasing an ultra efficient portable solar panel generator in 2018, Jackery launched with  adventurists in mind but created a powerful solution for personal clean energy everywhere. With this budget friendly solution, eco-enthusiasts around the country can utilize the sun for their everyday charging needs.

Our Favorites

Jackery only offers their core product in different sizes/capacities (which yes, you can take to mean it’s really good). We’re anticipating a larger line soon. Below is the set that we have and love, but it’s available with much larger storage capacity.

Explore 160 Portable Power Station + SolarSaga 60W Solar Panel

The Great

  • Whether during a weather-related blackout, in a camper van, or on the go, Jackery provides enough power to cook a meal, watch a movie, or get your laptops, tablet or cell phone ready to WFH.
  • Starting at $300, the price tag makes solar power accessible to those of us for whom installed solar panels are far out of financial reach, and/or rooftop direct sunlight is limited.

The Good

  • The solar panel may be left in place rain or shine, and maintenance is a breeze.
  • It takes up only the space of a large board game and a small tool box.

The Meh

  • It’s too heavy for someone with limited upper body strength or dexterity to easily move between rooms or various outdoor locations. Most healthy adults, however, would consider it as portable as a cooler, toolbox, or small piece of luggage.