Pomifera was launched in 2019, based in Iowa. The name is derived from the key ingredient in most of its products – pomifera seed oil.

Pomifera, aka osage orange, hedge, or hedge apple, is a small tree that is a member of the mulberry family and a distant relative of the orange tree. The fruit isn’t usually eaten by humans, rarely foraged by animals, and grows plentifully without extreme water consumption – an appropriate ingredient to build a sustainable body and skin care brand. There are a couple of products from Pomifera’s line it would now be hard to live without, and knowing an inedible and bountiful fruit is responsible for their existence makes it even sweeter.

Hydrating Body Lather

Radient Hair Oil

The Great

  • Solar energy, at least in part, powers the manufacturing plant.
  • Shipping and packing materials are recyclable cardboard and paper.
  • The fruit used by the company is grown in Iowa, where the manufacturing plant is located (meaning lower shipping emissions). The small number of additional, natural ingredients are sourced in the U.S.

The Good

  • Containers are primarily glass or recyclable plastic bottles.

The Meh

  • If you have a severe nut allergy, all products are off limits.
  • No third-party verification of net-zero carbon footprint.
  • Packing material could be reduced significantly, though it’s all recyclable and keeps the glass bottles safe!

Earth Shot

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