Fashion with a Focus

The Stella McCartney clothing brand is one of the industry’s most recognized, primarily because of the celebrity founder, but also because of McCartney’s early commitment to not use fur and leather.

McCartney has been quietly changing the game of high fashion, creating wearable pieces while upholding the company mission to protect the environment.  From organic cotton to recycled packaging and being one of early adopters of the Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L) statements, Stella McCartney is making sustainability undeniably luxurious.

Our Favorites

While most of our items have changed available patterns with the season, the cuts remain the same.

Medium Hobo Bag in Moss

Falabella Swimsuit

Eva Silk Shirt

The Great

  • Solely uses reengineered (aka “recycled”) cashmere, reducing cashmere garment production waste by 92%
  • Uses EP&L to fully account for corporate carbon emissions
  • Transitioning to synthetic spider silk, which is both beautifully durable and not harmful to the silk worm ecosystem

The Good

  • Working toward carbon neutral stores in the UK and US utilizing solar energy
  • The trees used to create viscose are from sustainably managed forests
  • Nylon and polyester are recycled
  • Packaging is created from at least 50% recycled materials

The Meh

  • Because of the company’s commitment to not use leather, the shoes peel after a short time, it’s possible the bags would as well.

Earth Shot

OneDey is dedicated to helping you select truly eco-friendly products. As illustrated, each globe color on the page represents an aspect of sustainability, and the percentage completion of the globe represents the company’s achievement in this area. To learn about how we evaluate each company, visit our Process Page.