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pomifera eco-friendly skincare

Pomifera eco-friendly skincare: a ghost fruit with purpose

Last updated: May 5, 2021

Pomifera (aka hedge apple, hedge, or or sage orange) is a familiar looking, though curious, tree fruit from my Tennessee childhood. A good friend introduced me to the company in early 2020.  Alison, who has guided me to many eco-friendly, life improving products and strategies promised it was a favorite, so we had to give it a try. As with all companies on OneDey, several of the company’s products needed to be used and loved by one or more members of our team before opting to include them on the site. As a hair and skin care minimalist who is choosy about her products, I came to Pomifera as a skeptic. But I was willing to try these highly touted, eco-friendly products as yet another step in reducing my carbon footprint. Here’s what I found:

The Green:

The Pomifera tree and fruit require little space to flourish. Unlike almonds, the hedge apple doesn’t need much water to grow.  Pomifera oil, the product line’s hallmark ingredient, is combined with natural oils or simple ingredients like baking soda and epsom salts, making Pomifera products safe. Plus, the natural ingredients make it sustainable to begin with.

When feasible, Pomifera uses reusable glass product containers, their packing materials are easily recyclable paper and cardboard, and half of their energy needs are met with solar power.

pomifera eco-friendly skincare

The Goods:

I’ve found two Pomifera products that are must haves – the Hydrating Body Lather and Radiant Hair Oil.  The Hydrating Body Lather is like no other shower and bath liquid soap I’ve ever used. It’s a body cleanser that reduces the need for body moisturizer – eco friendly and space saving. The Radiant Hair Oil recently edged out my salon-grade hair oil for a spot in my favorite products drawer. While I’ve tried MANY hair oils, Pomifera Radiant Hair Oil smells the best, works well, and is the only eco-friendly hair oil I’ve found.

Pomifera the company has a ways to go before being entirely sustainable – just like us. But, if every company took their emissions seriously like Pomifera ToDey, we would have a greener tomorrow.