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eco friendly active wear Wolven clothes

The eco friendly active wear brand to know: Wolven

Last updated June 2, 2021

Many of us are taking advantage of the opportunity to wear lounge and active wear while working from home. As a result, sales of luxury stay at home workout gear has surged. While lounging around in our own leggings, we started wondering… how eco friendly is active wear?

Unfortunately, the evidence against our yoga pants is pretty damning. Leggings have been gaining in popularity for years, but the material that stretches (most commonly spandex) is not very sustainable. Spandex is made from petroleum and is energy intensive to make. Our spandex leggings may be on planet earth for the next 1000 years.

Is there an option for more eco friendly comfort? Yes, and it’s Wolven.

Wolven active wear

The new environmental standard for active wear

You’re likely familiar with successful leggings brands that are size exclusive with little or no commitment to sustainability.  Wolven’s founder Kiran Jade set out to create a label that is the antithesis of those brands. It empowers differences – shapes, sizes, cultures, and identities – all as sustainably as possible.

The company’s mission is reflected throughout its website, from the diversity of their models to their sustainability certifications and achievements – bright, comfortable, and very eco friendly. Here’s how they do it…

Wolven Turmeric Pyramid Top

Loungewear made from…recycled plastic?

When trying on your first pair of Wolven leggings, you may wonder, “What’s this phenomenal t-shirt material”?

It’s recycled plastic bottles! Each pair of leggings is made from 27 of them, combined with sustainably sourced wood pulp.

This resulting soft, flexible material is OKEO-TEX certified, ensuring that not only are the raw materials sustainable, but the process of refining and weaving these materials is, too.

Yoga pants for the planet

Somehow, while maintaining a price point similar to other luxury active wear products, Wolven accomplishes significant environmental goals that the other guys don’t.  While some details of Wolven’s climate commitments are not released, the label is certified carbon neutral! They’re also a member of 1% for the planet and have passed the workplace conditions assessment.

Wolven demonstrates that it’s possible to create gotta have ‘em designs while caring for the planet.

Wolven yoga pants and sports bra

Active wear beyond green

Within minutes of visiting the Wolven website we were totally hooked on the mission and designs. But could a legging made from plastic bottles actually feel good? Could they hold up?

We tried out a men’s set and a women’s set to answer our questions. Specifically, my boyfriend tried a pair of classic black joggers and a white t-shirt, and I tried a printed legging and a matching super cool convertible sports bra.

The verdict is that plastic bottles are more comfortable than spandex, and hold up better to wear. On a road trip, we wore them two out of three days… and it should have been three. The material is utterly soft, substantial rather than thin, and fairly wrinkle resistant. Compared to other yoga clothes I wear, I feel drier and more comfortable during and post-workout. My one asterisk is though they’re a body positive brand, you’ll be more comfortable going up a size in the sports bra.

Eco friendly Wolven Care

Once you own one or more pieces of Wolven’s eco friendly active wear, the company has identified additional ways to continue lightening your carbon footprint. All their fabrics are antimicrobial. They’re specifically made to be washed less. You save energy and keep your Wolven’s gear wearable for years longer than if you washed it after every use.

Wolven also offers a microfiber laundry bag. Microfibers are tiny toxic bits of plastic that make their way from the washing machine to rivers and oceans. These microfibers damage ecosystems, working their way up the food chain to fish, larger animals, and even humans. If you think your natural fiber clothes dodge this bullet, think again – the dyes and finishes used on natural fibers can leave behind toxic residue.

Wolven wash bags are designed to catch any microfibers that come off your clothing during the wash cycle. You can then dispose of the fibers in your trash, keeping them out of our water system. Wolven also recommends using liquid detergent to reduce friction in the wash, a point we hadn’t previously considered!

Wolven’s tagline promotes their mission to “make sustainability sexy”. They have truly achieved this with their lighthearted peekaboo prints, fresh colors, and eco friendly mindset.

While it’s always most sustainable to keep wearing the clothes you own, your favorite exercise and active wear will at some point need a refresh. When that happens, Wolven’s got you covered with some great looking, great feeling options.

If ToDey every fashion label committed to sustainability like Wolven has, we’d be on a much cleaner planet.  Maybe tomorrow, we will.

sustainable women owned businesses womens month

6 Woman Owned Sustainable Businesses You Should Know

Last updated June 2, 2021

Women’s History Month is a great time to take stock of what we’re supporting with our dollars.  A quick look in your closet, cosmetics drawer, or pantry will confirm what a lot of us fear – most of the businesses from which we buy, eco-conscious or otherwise, are not owned or led by women. But now, there are options available to change that!  Take our challenge this month, and when possible, buy from women owned companies.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of six fabulous woman owned and sustainable businesses to shop from this month.  They’ll have you covered whether you need hand sanitizer, sunscreen, or even something a little sparkly. You might just find the brand you’ve been waiting for.

Why shop woman-owned?

Even though they make up more than half of the population and incredible products are coming from women-owned businesses, they’re still getting a very meager amount of financial backing. In fact, in 2018, only 2.2% of venture capital investments went to women-owned businesses.

And while their representation at the CEO level is rising, as of May 2020, “only 7.4% of Fortune 500 businesses” are led by women .

Finally, women held more jobs before the pandemic, and then were disproportionately impacted by job loss, especially young women and women of color.

What can we do about that? Vote with our dollars.

Woman owned sustainable fashion


Emily Phillips

emily phillips fashion designer


Emily Phillips learned the ugly environmental truth about most fashion labels during her earliest days in the industry.  She spent years learning from the brands and magazines she worked for. Then Phillips set out to create a high quality label that bucked those trends, committing to ethical fashion from day one.

Emily continually seeks and finds the most sustainable fabrics; hemp, linen, organic cotton, and tencel.  Next, she found an exceptionally talented woman to map her designs on these fabrics with as little scrap waste as possible, frequently turning those scraps into ribbons and dress tags. Producing clothes in small batches minimizes waste, but also makes it possible for all of her clothing to be American-made.

Finally, this woman owned fashion brand makes it easy to reduce your closet to a capsule collection. Her cute and comfy button down shirts and dresses make the transition from daytime to dinner out…seamless.

Stella McCartney

stella mccartney fashion designer

Started by a woman bearing the name (yes, that McCartney), this fashion label remains true to its initial sustainable values.

Beginning with a commitment to refrain from using any fur or leather in collections, McCartney has evolved to using recycled cashmere, nylon, and polyester. She also is championing the transition to spider silk and mushroom leather throughout the industry. Offering customers a transparent environmental report every year called the Environmental Profit and Loss statement (EP&L), McCartney analyzes their performance each year, finding new ways to improve sustainability practices. Recently, McCartney started using renewable electricity in her U.K. stores.

She achieves all that and her clothes are still drop dead gorgeous…every bit as luxurious as those less sustainable fashion label. McCartney makes slow fashion something to run for.


Bouchra Ezzahraoui and Sophie Khan women desginers

Need or want some new bling? Aurate founders Bouchra Ezzahraoui and Sophie Khan have you covered with a clear conscience.

These women started a sustainable gold jewelry line to offer 100% recycled gold jewelry for less. Their gems are thoughtfully sourced as well, with sustainably farmed pearls and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones all adhering to the Kimberley Process. All Aurate jewelry is made in New York, standing up to the highest workplace safety standards.

The Aurate ladies add to all of that very fashion forward designs, and a fresh, young appeal to fine jewelry. The icing on these tiny treasure cakes is that each item you purchase benefits The Mastery Charter School.

AND, in honor of Women’s History Month, you can get 20% off any purchase on Aurate with the code: FORHER

Woman owned sustainable beauty



Gregg Renfrew woman founder

Gregg Renfrew is a woman owned business shero. Moving from house cleaning to the wedding industry before deciding to change the skincare and beauty world, Renfrew creates clean ingredient products that set the industry standard.

The results are a killer, cruelty-free women’s make-up and skincare line that won’t break you out, and expanding men’s and baby/children’s lines that together add up to better beauty.  BeautyCounter has lobbied for tighter ingredient regulations, recyclable packaging, and sustainable pigment while continually improving product results.

Woman owned sustainable household and hand sanitizing


Black and Berry

Cindee Black and Jordan Berry women founders

Sometimes, small businesses are born out of need.  Sister duo Cindee Black and Jordan Berry did just that with their food safe, organic cleaning line.

Packaged in recycled and recyclable aluminum containers, the organic apple cider vinegar-based products are tough on grime, but gentle on home surfaces, you, and the planet. Have you ever had a food-safe cleaner that can scrub off soap scum?

Also, we thought it was impossible, but they also make THE MOST luxurious hand sanitizer. It’s light, nearly odorless, and packaged with none of the plastic guilt.

Package Free

Lauren Singer woman founder

For anything else you might need this month, check out Package Free. Created by Lauren Singer (@trashisfortossers) after she went zero-waste for four years, Package Free is exactly as it sounds.

Nearly any household good can be found on her site, sans plastic.  Everything from silicone food storage bags to cat toys and shaving kits can be found on this eco friendly business woman’s site.

You might want to check out her inspired interviews and blogs, too! While we’re not at the point of zero-waste ToDey, she has us excited for tomorrow!


stella mccartney sustainable fashion onedey

Sustainable luxury fashion with Stella McCartney

Last updated: May 10, 2021

Whether Stella McCartney originally garnered attention because of her famous father or her slinky lingerie, she is now a fashion industry powerhouse.  Creating jaw-dropping shows every season and leading the sustainable luxury fashion charge, McCartney appears unstoppable.  Many other brands are following her lead by removing leather and fur, two of the industry’s highest valued elements, from their collections.  But McCartney remains out front…and firm in her conviction that we don’t have to hurt the planet to be draped in fashion-forward apparel.  Sustainable fashion was waiting for a name like Stella McCartney.

stella mccartney sustainable fashion onedey

McCartney is sustainable fashion

From the outset, Stella McCartney promised not to use animal hides in her seasonal collections.  Nixing materials synonymous with luxury was an incredibly bold step for a luxury brand.  But that’s only where the story begins…

McCartney is pioneering high-end cashmere recycling, while also integrating recycled nylon and polyester into her collections.  The company is moving toward synthetic spider silk as a silk alternative, thereby eliminating the use of silk worms.

In October 2020, Stella McCartney became one of four prominent fashion companies comprising the Bolt Threads consortium. Members will have exclusive access to Bolt Thread’s unprecedented vegan leather Mylo, which is made from mycelium, or mushroom roots. There’s no question that Stella McCartney is on the front edge of eco-friendly fabrics.

Stella McCartney goes beyond what’s in clothing to improve other aspects of the business.  By keeping accessories the same from season to season and keeping her ready-to-wear collections small (a couple dozen pieces instead of the usual hundred or so), McCartney pushes consumers away from fast fashion and toward lasting style.

On their website and in many ads, McCartney uses videos to showcase garment care, placing a clear emphasis on maintaining the goods you have.  They also use recycled paper for packaging.  Finally, in all their UK stores, and increasingly in their US stores, McCartney utilizes renewable energy.


stella mccartney sustainable fashion onedey

McCartney is luxury fashion

Let’s start with smaller clothing collections.  When you buy Stella McCartney, even fashionistas won’t know if your bag is from two seasons ago!  While the fashion industry runs on short life cycles, McCartney pieces hold steadily en vogue.

My Stella McCartney Eva top is among one of my favorites to wear.  It’s a statement without being gaudy, and different enough to be fashionable but never goes out of style.  You’d think the silvery thread would make the top scratchy, but somehow regardless how long the day or evening is, it remains comfy.

McCartney goes for it when it comes to sunglasses.  It’s the item she seems to have the most fun with, definitely going the trendier route.  Whether chains or a ski goggle influence, Stella has tried it all.  While they may not be as timeless as her other designs, they’re made well with thick rims, and you can find a pair for every occasion.

My only issue with Stella McCartney is the footwear.  Yes, it’s the best faux leather I’ve ever seen (you’d NEVER be able to tell the difference on a new pair), but they don’t last for years.  After a couple dozen wears, the tell-tale peeling begins, and then it looks like you have a pair of cheap shoes, which of course, you don’t.  It’s happened to all three pairs I’ve owned. If you have any tips for keeping faux leather from splitting I’m all ears!  Her shoes are beautiful, but I suggest waiting until manufacturing with Mylo begins to make the investment. Hopefully we won’t be waiting long 🙂