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Since falling for the HiBar shampoo bar, we’ve been on the lookout for other solid shampoos that might fit the bill. With the shower residue issue resolved by a little wooden box, the only hoops to jump through now were finding the best products. With Upfront Cosmetics, we hit the jack pot.

This shampoo bar lathers up nicely, leaving a clean—but not squeaky—feel. The all natural scents are subtle and light. Upfront claims the bars will replace 3 bottles of shampoo each, but they don’t specify the size of said replaced bottles. At $13 per bar, we imagine it will replace about a bottle and a half of the standardish 13 oz bottle.

Upfront separates their bars by your hair’s needs, with a few new categories thrown in. There’s of course a color protect bar and a nourishing blend, but they added in things like a nurturing bar for sensitive and young hair, and our favorite, a “refreshing” blend that CUTS DOWN ON THE NEED TO WASH YOUR HAIR ALL TOGETHER. So perhaps the 3 bottle per bar claim is true!

You heard us right. They created a bar specifically meant to be used less. And it works! I’m a gal that gets greasy after 26 hours without a wash, and this stuff has cut my washes in half. Others have said it’s gotten them down to one shampoo every 3-4 days. If that doesn’t sell you on the Upfront Cosmetics shampoo bar, just check out their ingredients.

Upfront Cosmetics Shampoo Bar Reviews: Product quality and ingredients sustainability

  • sulphate and paraben free
  • vegan with no animal testing – leaping bunny ceritified
  • no synthetic fragrances
  • an ingredients list you can read, full of fruits and seed oils
  • everything is handmade in Canada, cutting down on shipping emissions and upping worker protection accountability

Packaging/shipping materials and practices sustainability

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