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5 Ways to Reuse Tea Bags: From Face Masks to Furniture

We’re big tea drinkers over at OneDey, but hate throwing away used tea bags!  Other than making another, weaker cup of tea, we knew there had to be better ways to reuse tea bags.  So, we rounded up 5 innovative ways that you can reuse your tea bags, and not feel guilty about steeping another cup.

We found many ways to repurpose them that complement the tasty cup of tea that calmed us down or perked us up earlier in the day. That’s how you know you’re onto a great upcycle!  Give these a try, and your skin, garden, and furniture will thank you.

Reuse tea bags as Eye Masks

Definitely the best known way to repurpose tea bags, but worth a mention anyway.  Soak two bags in warm water, place on your eyelids, then lay down and relax for ten minutes. Or, you can get fancy and make a honey and green tea mask.

Tea bags for Baths

Ever wonder what’s in that bath bomb that turns the water purple? Try swapping out herbal or green tea bags. The previously used bags yield a delightful smelling bath that’s great for your skin…au naturale.

Reuse tea bags as Fertilizer

Your plants love tea too!  Empty tea bags contents on any small plant as you would do with fertilizer, then watch them thrive. For the full T (sorry) check out how to turn tea bags into fertilizer on Gardening Know How.

Reuse tea bags for Infections and Bites etc.

Green tea reduces itching from bug bites and inflammation from burns. It also has a soothing effect on scrapes and bruises.

Tea bags for a quick Furniture blemish fix

Rub black tea bags onto worn, wooden furniture to replenish the color and shine. Black tea can also help reduce wood polish buildup!

I love collecting preloved furniture – it’s better for the environment, and you get luxurious furniture at a fraction of the price. However, even the best solid wood finds usually come with a ding or two. I had tried everything, from polishes to permanent marker, and none work as well as a simple black tea bag!

While reusing your tea bags won’t solve worldwide pollution or the climate crisis, every positive step will bring us a little closer to it. If you’ve mastered these tips, check out the other ways you can make your cup of tea more eco friendly.  OneDey, we might not have to worry about tea bags!

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