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Sustainable & chic gold jewelry with Aurate

Last updated: May 20, 2021

When you visit for the first time, it feels like many other millennial sites you see.

Light colors and minimalist design both on the website and in the delicate lines of the jewelry, and a newer trend in millennial companies- radical social responsibility.  Aurate really is changing the fine jewelry game– making the streamlined, sustainable gold jewelry women want and leaving the world a better place than they found it.

Aurate utilizes the Kimberly process to extract and purchase all gems, only uses recycled gold, and gets all their pearls from sustainable family farms.  How’s that for eco friendly fine jewelry?


Green that sparkles

I don’t frequently buy fine jewelry, so when I do I give it a lot of thought. When you see the perfect piece it’s like being hit by lightning. Everyone has been seduced through a store window.  But now that some of the less favorable aspects of the jewelry business have come to light, we have to be intentional about the designers we purchase from. That’s where Aurate comes in.

When I heard about Aurate, I headed there immediately.  Not only are the precious metals sustainably sourced, but the prices are fantastic. A company with a conscience, Aurate also donates books to New York students for each purchase, and I clicked “checkout” with a pair of solid gold hoops more quickly than I have ever purchased a bauble. They’re my new favorite earrings, and the only pair I now wear guilt-free.

I liked the product so much I convinced a friend to buy the thin diamond ring she’d been eyeing for a few weeks.  Gold might be at an all time high, but at $220, it’s still less expensive than a comparable preowned ring.  That ring is now a permanent fixture on her hand. And as her first personal fine jewelry purchase, it’s gotten her hooked.


Aurate matches beautiful, quality pieces with the social responsibility you’ve been craving from the industry. The pricing makes you wonder why you don’t have more fine jewelry in your collection already. There are many companies that utilize recycled gold in their wares, but none with the consistency and intentionality of Aurate.

That’s exactly what we look for here at OneDey— products that would be great whether they were sustainable or not.

In Aurate’s case the recycled gold, fair working conditions, and sustainably farmed pearls are almost a second thought, but one that makes you feel even more mesmerized by the shine. They’re also one of our favorite woman-owned sustainable businesses, you can check out some others here.

I just noticed that students get an additional 15% off of these well-priced, sustainably sourced trinkets. What y’all waiting for? Can I get your ID?

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