3 Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably in 2021

Everyone’s got New Year’s resolutions, and this year our lists may be longer than before. The most common list-makers are getting more exercise, personal finance improvements, or a new hobby. But what about sustainability?

For those aiming to tread gently on our planet this year, getting started may seem overwhelming. Goals, including green ones, are more likely to be reached when they’re incremental and measurable. Check out these easy sustainable living tips below, and get excited for the possibilities!

sustainable living tips OneDey

Use EWG to inform your purchases

A lot of common products have surprisingly harmful (or allergenic) ingredients.  An easy upgrade to your eco-friendly lifestyle is changing one or two products in your shopping cart.  All products on OneDey are deemed safe by the EWG; and you can check out EWG’s list of harmful ingredients to avoid.

Even small swaps can lead to big impacts. We dove into the environmental differences between silicone and plastic, and even swapping some items in your closet from linen to hemp (hint: you’ll like it better anyway) can reduce your carbon footprint.

If you or someone you love is considering becoming a parent, check out how select essential oils may affect pregnancies.

Eat fresh, local, and lower on the food chain

Eat more fresh foods and less packaged ones. They’re healthier, taste better, and result in less waste.

Shop at a local farmer’s market, or better yet visit a variety of them. They each have different vendors with products that are much broader than seasonal fruits and veggies. The one in my neighborhood has freshly baked bread and pies, a variety of nut butters, jams, olives, vegan soups, and much, much more.

Once you’ve mastered farmers markets, try eating just a little less meat. Try meatless Mondays, no meat at home, or eliminating meat from your lunches.  Once you make these tweaks, you’ll be surprised how easy it is. Two of our favorite hacks to reduce animal products are hummus with carrots, chips, or crackers; and five minute veggie stir fry flavored with ginger, garlic, and scallions that packs a punch without animal protein.

Kick the bottled water habit, once and for all

We were surprised to learn that it takes more water to produce the bottle than the water you actually consume in it. Thats before you take into account the plastic waste, emissions from production, and the drilling needed to collect the water.

Drink filtered water in glass or stainless steel. In 2020, I bought a water filter and kicked the bottled water habit. I saved a bunch of money, my grocery bags are lighter, and I haven’t missed those bottles once.

These sustainable living tips are here to make things easier, but your path might look totally different, and that’s just fine.

Maybe OneDey, you’ll try composting 🙂

The earth is beautiful.

Even if it’s cold where you are, go outside and enjoy it; and get fired up about saving it.