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A Hu Kitchen Chocolate Review

A Review of the Goods

We gave Hu Kitchen a shot for the first time at their now closed location in New York. It was a cafeteria-style restaurant, full of paleo, gluten free, and vegan lunch fare. Bu it was Hu Kitchen’s chocolate that kept us coming back for more.

We can all remember the first time that we heard factory chocolate bars were allowed to contain a certain number of insect legs—it was that day that I swore off chocolate. But, that didn’t stop the cravings.

Since that day, many brands have emerged promising small batch, good for you chocolate. Of the few others I’ve tried, they tend to be dry, crumbly, and overall simply inferior to the large factory brands. That is, until I tried Hu Kitchen.

I can honestly say, Hu completely satisfies my chocolate desires.  Of course, it is chocolate, so that makes sense.  But when eating Hu chocolate, I’m not adding to my sugar dependency while enjoying a treat that’s as rich and delicious as any chocolate bar I’ve tasted.

I’m not certain whether it’s the nutrition density or the taste, but Hu products leave me feeling sated much more quickly than other chocolate. I can finally stick to the two square serving size on the back of the package!

Hu Kicthen chocolate bar flavors

Hu Kitchen has it down when it comes to flavors. They’ve got the standards, but then get a little more playful all while sticking to natural ingredients. My favorite is the salty dark chocolate, but their mint dark chocolate is a hit with my partner, and the “Qrispy” variety almost tastes like a certain movie theater snack. If I can basically eat Buncha Crunch and not feel bad about it… I think we have a winner.

Plus, they have plenty of nonbar options, too. You can opt for chocolate covered nuts and fruit, or go straight for the “gems”, which are basically chocolate chip.

So, we’ve talked about what Hu Kitchen chocolate does have, here are some important things they’re missing:

  1. Gluten
  2. Refined sugar
  3. Cane sugar
  4. Sugar Alcohol
  5. Dairy
  6. GMOs
  7. Soy Lecithins
  8. Emulsifiers
Hu kitchen chocolate bar and ingredients

The Green

We cover Hu Kitchen’s sustainability practices in depth, check out our full company review.

Hu Kitchen Chocolate Product quality and ingredients sustainability

  • Everything is made small batch, so you can forget about the insect legs
  • Their reliance on coconut means less water usage in the chocolate’s production
  • They’re constantly going over and improving recipes to reduce waste and improve taste
  • USDA certified organic, certified gluten free, let’s just say they’ve certified everything

Packaging/shipping materials and practices sustainability

  • Chocolate bar wrapping is newly compostable!
  • unclear on the gems/chocolate covered goody bags, they don’t look recyclable

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the price tag. They’re definitely premium snackage, but for a guilt free, gluten free, dairy free treat, we’ll splurge every once in a while.

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