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Hu Kitchen: dairy free organic chocolate for everyone

Last updated: May 10, 2021

Trying to stay away from dairy? How about gluten? Or sugar?

Still get those chocolate cravings? Well, Hu Kitchen’s sustainable dairy free, gluten free, and sugar free chocolate is here for you!

When indulging in guilty, chocolatey pleasures, you may not be considering your treat’s environmental price tag.  Perhaps you’ve heard that due to mass production each conventional candy bar includes an average of eight insect parts (yikes!). But have you heard what happens to the wrappers when they hit landfills? Absolutely nothing (double yikes)!

Hu Kitchen is solving these problems (and many more) naturally.  The founding team sought to create a snack food brand that keeps you nourished and helps you flourish. Add to that caring for the planet, and together you and Hu Kitchen are now able to take satisfying your chocolate craving to delicious heights.

Product quality and ingredients sustainability

Hu Kitchen makes their chocolate and other goodies in small batches (bye-bye bug parts!)

Hu Kitchen nixes sugar, gluten, and grains; and all of their products are vegan and nearly all are organic. How do you make richly textured sweets without sugar or dairy?  Hu Kitchen relies heavily on coconuts for both sugar and dairy replacement.  Coconuts are relatively low on the water usage scale, an increasing environmental concern. They’re also known to have many health benefits, including being high in potassium and antioxidants, and providing hydration.

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Packaging/shipping materials and practices sustainability

They package most of their snacks in paper that’s recyclable. Their hero product (all chocolate bars) are now wrapped in compostable materials. You might need to take them to a commercial composter though, depending on how tricked out your set up is at home.

Manufacturing and corporate practices sustainability

While Hu Kitchen isn’t currently offsetting their business operation’s carbon emissions, their ingredients put them far ahead of the competition. Their chocolate bars are now all certified Fair Trade.

Eco Friendly extra credit

In 2022, Hu Kitchen has jumped into their sustainability efforts, reworking their ingredients and packaging to upgrade their eco friendly game. They have a while to go, but we’re excited to see their quick progress!

Hu Kitchen Sustainability Sum Up

Hu Kitchen is a young company with lofty goals. Bringing organic, gluten and dairy free snacking to the country isn’t an easy feat, but one Hu is tackling honestly.

Curious about their products? Check out our review of Hu Kitchen chocolates!

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