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Wolven Yoga Gear: Leggings Review

Within minutes of visiting the Wolven website we were totally hooked on the mission and designs. There are colors, prints, and more cuts than a girl could ask for. But could a legging made from plastic bottles actually feel good? Could Wolven yoga gear hold up?

The Goods

We tried out a men’s and a women’s set to answer our questions. Specifically, my boyfriend tried a pair of classic black joggers and a white t-shirt, and I tried a printed legging and a matching super cool convertible sports bra.

The verdict is that plastic bottles (also Modal fibers) are more comfortable than spandex, and hold up better to wear. On a road trip, we wore them two out of three days—and it should have been three. The material is utterly soft, substantial rather than thin, and fairly wrinkle resistant.

Plus, all their fabrics are antimicrobial. They’re specifically made to be washed less. You save energy and keep your Wolven’s gear wearable for years longer than if you washed it after every use.

Compared to other yoga clothes I wear, I feel drier and more comfortable during and post-workout. I really, really try to only wear “real” clothes outside of the house…but Wolven has me falling into a stereotype, and I’m not even mad. Just cozy.

My one asterisk is though they’re a body positive brand, you’ll be more comfortable going up a size in the sports bra.

The Green

We love what Wolven has going on, check out our full company review.

Product quality and ingredients sustainability

  • each legging is made with 27 plastic bottles
  • what’s not plastic is Modal – a fiber made from beechwood that grows quickly, needs less water than cotton, and is super soft

Packaging/shipping materials and practices sustainability

  • twine is the only thing packaging each product
  • the poly mailers Wolven uses are made from recycled plastic

Bonus! Eco Friendly Wolven Care

Once you own one or more pieces of Wolven’s eco friendly active wear, the company has identified additional ways to continue lightening your carbon footprint.

Wolven also offers a microfiber laundry bag. Microfibers are tiny toxic bits of plastic that make their way from the washing machine to rivers and oceans. These microfibers damage ecosystems, working their way up the food chain to fish, larger animals, and even humans. If you think your natural fiber clothes dodge this bullet, think again – the dyes and finishes used on natural fibers can leave behind toxic residue.

Wolven wash bags are designed to catch any microfibers that come off your clothing during the wash cycle. You can then dispose of the fibers in your trash, keeping them out of our water system. Wolven also recommends using liquid detergent to reduce friction in the wash, a point we hadn’t previously considered!

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