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Baby Safe and Eco Friendly Cleaning Products | Keeping your child safe at home

Many expecting mothers and fathers are concerned about the baby safety of household cleaning products. Even if your parents used bleach and ammonia, using them in your newborn’s home can be frightening.

They’re frightening because many commonly used American cleaning product ingredients contain toxins. We explored specific chemicals you should avoid when pregnant, and the same holds true after your bundle of joy is born. Phthalates and formaldehyde releasing chemicals, as well as bleach, are of greatest concern.

Exposure to these chemicals can have varying degrees of consequences, but to reduce unnecessary concern we’re choosing to omit these details. But rest assured, it’s best to avoid them as much as possible.

While natural cleaning products have been growing in popularity, the term “natural” is overused and misused frequently. To help in your search for products that are much safer to use, here are several tips:

How to Choose Baby Safe Cleaning Products

  • Read all the labels. Some ingredients require a warning label when they’re included in products. That doesn’t mean they’re necessarily harmful, but it’s a good first step.
  • Be aware of, and take into consideration, your family’s specific needs. Does your child have an allergy to parabens? Are you immunocompromised and need stronger than normal disinfectants?
  • When in doubt, check the Environmental Working Group website. Most likely, they have a breakdown of the exact product you’re considering buying, including a scale that shows how relatively baby safe the cleaning product is.
  • Even if you buy only nontoxic cleaning products, make sure they have child-proof packaging and aren’t accessible to your baby when they begin to crawl and walk.

Our Favorite Baby (and pet) Safe Cleaning Products

Not all baby safe cleaning products were made specifically with babies in mind. Some are food-safe for your kitchen and restaurants, and some are designed to prevent allergic reactions. No matter the circumstance, you can trust the list of cleaning products below to be tough on grime and soft on you and the tiny ones in your home.

Laundry detergent from Package Free

Package free laundry detergent
This detergent was made to cut down on waste, and harmful ingredients. The list of what’s in the jar is delightfully short, and there’s an unscented option.

Baby wipes from Eco Pea Co 

eco and pea baby safe wipes
These biodegradable wipes are made from fast-growing bamboo, and contain aloe to keep rashes at bay. They’re unscented, which may help babies with allergies. Also, Eco Pea Co is a 1% for the planet member.

Hand sanitizer and all-purpose cleaning from Black and Berry

Black and Berry was launched as the result of a rare, childhood autoimmune disease from which the co-founder suffered. But their apple cider vinegar based products are safe for all members of your family. We love their hand sanitizer and multi-purpose cleaner, but all of their products are made with a handful of quality, organic ingredients. Their products also feature essential oil-based citrus or eucalyptus scents.

One additional bundle of joy note…The OneDey team’s friends and family group seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. If yours are too, we also recommend:

Baby wash and shampoo from pipette

This delightful body and hair cleansing combination product is available in unscented or Rose + Geranium or Vanilla + Ylang Ylang scents. All have EWG’s stamp of approval; and are gentle, sudsy products that leave no residue on even the most delicate skin.

There are so many things to think about when you welcome a baby into the world. Concern about the safety of  your household cleaning products shouldn’t be one of them. By using these products and/or the previous tips  when searching for your next bathroom or counter cleaner, you can rest assured your little bundle of joy is safe at home.

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