frankincense tree

Frankincense in a Modern Era

Written by Allison Stillman, the Aromatic Alchemist

My clients and students ask me frequently, “If you could only have one essential oil, what would it be?” The answer is always the same, frankincense, the holy of the holy oils. There’s a good reason that it’s known as “the holy of the holy oils”, and there are many reasons why you need to be using frankincense every day.


frankincense tree

Frankincense has properties that affect mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of who we are. That is likely why, throughout history, it has been revered as a sacred and holy essential oil, used in spiritual and religious ceremony, and sometimes reserved for kings and queens. Because of it’s psychoactive components, that take us deep into meditative states of awareness, for thousands of years frankincense has also been used during meditation.

Only recently, have we begun to understand the physical attributes of this powerful oil. Frankincense has been shown to contain anti-tumoral properties and much research has been conducted on its ability to reverse the DNA of cancer cells.

We’re living in chaotic times, both internally and in the outside world. More than ever, we need relief from the craziness and we need to de-stress. It’s easy to get lost in the drama that surrounds us, but we aren’t that drama, it’s only an experience through which we’re moving. To navigate these choppy waters, we need to be engaging all available self care techniques. This is so important if we want to emerge from these chaotic times as brighter, shinier versions of ourselves. We need to consistently envision a better world, filled with love for one another, for ourselves and the amazing people we are becoming!

A brighter world filled with love and compassion is waiting for us to arrive. We can choose to see a higher vision of our future and by  imagining and visioning, create the better world in which we wish to live. Frankincense is a valuable ally in this creative process, reminding us and transporting us back to the true essence of who we really are, divine beings in a human form. We need this powerful ally to walk us through these times, so we don’t get lost in the drama of today’s world.

I reach for my blends with frankincense every single day, multiple times a day. Let frankincense walk with you, remind you of your divine essence and keep you fortified today and everyday.

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