sustainable holiday season Onedey

How to Have a (Sort of) Sustainable Holiday Season

The holidays are, well, a lot, and this year’s no different.  With the growing concern over the environment, everything from Cyber Monday to Christmas trees are being questioned in 2021.  While many of these discussions need to be had, if you’re not quite ready to make drastic changes we’ve rounded up a few small ways you can lighten your holiday carbon load.   A sustainable holiday season is possible, but a sustainable- ish season is easy.  Let us know if you have other ideas!

sustainable holiday season Onedey

Recycle your holiday lights

We’ve mentioned this before, but we’re so shocked we have to reiterate.  Yes, those strings of lights that have metal, plastic, glass and more can be broken down and recycled.  Well, most of it anyway. Holiday LEDs will do all the work for you, you just have to ship them off!  Oh, and they’ll give you a gift card for your next string of holiday lights.

Watch some videos instead of taking a drive in your car

Does your family love fantastical holiday displays?  Try viewing them at home this year! Not only can you see the most over the top displays in all the world this way, but you can also turn it into an evening with popcorn, hot chocolate and lots of blankets.  These are some of our favorites:

Compilation of snowy houses

A full hour of holiday lights

Home set to the biggest song of 2020

Swap up your wrapping paper

Did you know that sparkly and shiny wrapping paper isn’t even recyclable?  Let alone compostable.  While it’s definitely a bummer that we can’t get our glitter on this holiday, it doesn’t mean our presents can’t be pretty!  There are so many ideas on the web for gorgeous, thoughtful gift wrapping (some even using dried herbs) but I like some good old newspaper.

Rethink your gifts

That’s right, time for some self promotion.  OneDey is all about finding the best products that have the least impact on the environment, so you don’t have to feel bad going whacko this year for your mom, or even your dog.  We’ve got everyone on your list covered, check out our favorite eco-friendly companies here.

While it’s not always possible (and not always fun) to only think of the planet when you’re celebrating with your family, making these little changes will make this season a little more earth friendly than last year.  And that’s what we care about here at OneDey, getting a little better all the time.

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