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Rothy’s eco-friendly shoes: cute, comfy, and sustainable

Following their 2016 launch, Rothy’s eco-friendly shoes quickly gained popularity in large U.S. cities. In New York and Rothy’s hometown of San Francisco, women need breathable, cleanable business shoes that can stand up to miles and miles of walking.

Though shoes made from plastic bottles sounds a little uncomfortable, we decided to give them a try. There are now ten pairs of Rothy‘s strewn between OneDey closets, and a few masks to boot. After a few wears, these flats will be among the comfiest you own, and they’ve got the green practices we wished all shoe companies carried.

Rothy’s eco-friendly shoes on sustainability review

Who knew a simple, versatile flat could be so beneficial?

Product quality and ingredients sustainability

Rothy’s eco friendly shoes, bags, and masks(!) are made from recycled water bottles, at the time of writing they’ve used more than 64 million single-use bottles in their products! All other components can be found on their site.

To sweeten the deal even more, the shoes are machine washable! Meaning when you would have thrown out mud-stained or otherwise discolored work flats, now you can throw them in the wash and save the waste and the extra expense.

Packaging/shipping materials and practices sustainability

Each pair of shoes are dropped at your door in all paper packaging, but there could be less of it. Of course the shoes need to be protected while in transit, but let’s be honest, these aren’t the kind of shoes that are fragile.

Manufacturing and corporate practices sustainability

Rothy’s utilizes the latest 3D printing technology in making their shoes and bags, preventing a multitude of textile waste. Rothy’s plans to be running a zero-waste factory by 2022.

Sustainability extra credit

Rothy’s is setting their sights on closed-loop production, meaning they will be taking back worn shoes and learning how to break them down and use them to create new footwear. They also offset the carbon used in production by buying protection of a section of the Amazon rainforest.

Rothys Sustainability Sum Up

We’d like to see more policies related to the people involved in making these groundbreaking shoes. There’s a Code of Conduct available, but if there are further practices, we don’t know them.

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