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The Eco Friendly Active Wear Brand to Know: Wolven

Last updated February 2, 2022

Many of us are taking advantage of the opportunity to wear lounge and active wear while working from home. As a result, sales of luxury stay at home workout gear has surged. While lounging around in our own leggings, we started wondering… how eco friendly is active wear?

Unfortunately, the evidence against our yoga pants is pretty damning. Leggings have been gaining in popularity for years, but the material that stretches (most commonly spandex) is not very sustainable. Spandex is made from petroleum and is energy intensive to make. Our spandex leggings may be on planet earth for the next 1000 years.

Is there an option for more eco friendly comfort? Yes, and it’s Wolven.

You’re likely familiar with successful leggings brands that are size exclusive with little or no commitment to sustainability.  Wolven’s founder Kiran Jade set out to create a label that is the antithesis of those brands. It empowers differences – shapes, sizes, cultures, and identities – all as sustainably as possible.

The company’s mission is reflected throughout its website, from the diversity of their models to their sustainability certifications and achievements – bright, comfortable, and very eco friendly. Here’s how they do it…

Wolven active wear

Product quality and ingredients sustainability

When trying on your first pair of Wolven leggings, you may wonder, “What’s this phenomenal t-shirt material”?

It’s recycled plastic bottles! Each pair of leggings is made from 27 of them, combined with sustainably sourced wood pulp.  All their fabrics are antimicrobial. They’re specifically made to be washed less. You save energy and keep your Wolven’s gear wearable for years longer than if you washed it after every use.

Packaging/shipping materials and practices sustainability

Your stretch-fit goodies arrive at your doorstep wrapped in a single piece of twine, wrapped in a 100% recycled polymailer bag. The company even addresses this choice on their website, stating that they decided against biodegradable polymailers as they often end up in trash bins and never get the opportunity to degrade.

Manufacturing and corporate practices sustainability

This Wolven’s classic soft, flexible material is OKEO-TEX certified, ensuring that not only are the raw materials sustainable, but the process of refining and weaving these materials is, too.

While some details of Wolven’s climate commitments are not released, the label is certified carbon neutral! They’re also a member of 1% for the planet and have passed the workplace conditions assessment.

Eco friendly extra credit

Somehow, while maintaining a price point similar to other luxury active wear products, Wolven accomplishes significant environmental goals that the other guys don’t.

Wolven Turmeric Pyramid Top

Wolven Sustainability Sum Up

Wolven’s tagline promotes their mission to “make sustainability sexy”. They have truly achieved this with their lighthearted peekaboo prints, fresh colors, and eco friendly mindset.

While it’s always most sustainable to keep wearing the clothes you own, your favorite exercise and active wear will at some point need a refresh. When that happens, Wolven’s got you covered with some great looking, great feeling options.

If ToDey every fashion label committed to sustainability like Wolven has, we’d be on a much cleaner planet.  Maybe tomorrow, we will.

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