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Dr. Brite – The Clean Cleaning Brand You Need

When brushing my teeth, I rarely consider the affect my toothpaste has on the planet.  I’m concerned with whether or not my mouth feels clean, and honestly the questions end there.

Dr Brite started out as a toothpaste company, creating oral care products that were soft on the environment but hard on plaque.  At the time it was entirely novel to create a toothpaste tube that was recyclable, let alone missing any of the harsh chemicals normally found in toothpaste.

While, initially, I was drawn to Dr Brite for their women-owned, natural toothpastes that make your mouth feel as clean as the toothpaste brands available at every grocery store, I have fallen in love with their pandemic response products.

Every one of them is worth writing home about.


Dr Brite Sustainable Castile Soap on Leaves


Product quality and ingredients sustainability

Many of their products have been certified by the Environmental Working Group to be low toxicity for you and the planet. They have every single ingredient listed on their website readily available. Their toothpaste is also biodegradable

Dr Brite products are Vegan and 100% cruelty free. 

Packaging/shipping materials and practices sustainability

Every container can be recycled – even the toothpaste tubes. They also have wiped BPA out of their packaging. The packing peanuts they use to ship? Made from cornstarch ?

Dr Brite Sustainable Disinfecting wipes on leaves

Manufacturing and corporate practices sustainability

Dr Brite is a Certified B Corp that only supports companies that pay Fairtrade wages, wherever they are.

All cleaning products are hospital grade, FDA approved, and smell amazing (but we’ll get to that in a bit.)  Every product sold by Dr Brite is made by hand in small batches to prevent waste and ensure quality. 

Dr Brite has set the goal of becoming a zero waste company. They utilize gray water in office to reduce consumption.

Eco Friendly extra credit

Their philanthropic efforts include community education, contributing 5% of their revenue to nonprofit organizations focused on innovative housing for at risk populations and breast cancer awareness. Though this isn’t technically a sustainable fact, they’re 100% woman-owned which we love.

To top it off, Dr Brite provides paid volunteer days to their employees, keeping their team’s mindset on track for further good.

Dr Brite Sustainability Sum Up

Dr Brite has a focus on sustainability that we look for at OneDey, and the transparent practices we crave. We’re looking forward to the day Dr Brite is zero-waste, but we’re happy to support the journey until they get there!

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